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Helping Employees Find Peace Of Mind

Last updated on June 17, 2021

In many ways, our jobs define us. We take a lot of our identity from the work we do for a living. When problems arise at work or we lose our jobs, however, it can cause significant anxiety and emotional challenges. If you have been fired or you suffered any kind of mistreatment from your employer, talk with an attorney who can help you find direction and the solutions you need.

At Zenner Law, PLLC, we will help you find the answers you need. We represent clients in Brentwood, Nashville, Williamson County and throughout Middle Tennessee.

How We Can Defend Your Rights

We have decades of experience protecting the rights of Tennessee workers. We know how to protect your rights against:

  • Wage and hour violations: Some employers will do anything possible to reduce expenses and minimize the cost of keeping a workforce. Some will fail to pay overtime or minimum wage compensation, delay in paying workers or even misclassify employees as exempt from overtime pay. If you believe your rights have been violated, talk with a lawyer from our firm.
  • Discrimination: Employers cannot treat workers any differently because of their race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientations, religious views or other fundamental classifications. We can help protect your rights.
  • Sexual harassment: You have a right to a work environment free from sexual intimidation or harassment. You do not have to accept being sexually harassed at work. Fight for your right to a safe and professional workplace.
  • Third-party liability claims: We also represent injured workers. Our lawyers do not handle basic workers’ compensation claims, but we do take third-party liability claims. These are usually the types of cases that involve subcontractors or malfunctioning machinery, faulty ladders and other dangerous products that injure employees while at work.

We encourage you to call and speak with a lawyer from our firm. We offer free initial consultations, and we’re happy to talk with you and see if you have a valid legal claim.

Contact Zenner Law, PLLC ∙ Free Initial Consultation

If you think your employee rights have been violated, or if you are not sure, contact us today. We can help you identify your legal problems and craft a strategy to defend your rights. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, call us at 615-956-0435 or email us today.