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Results From Past Cases

Personal Injury And Medical Malpractice

Successfully represented a widow in the wrongful death of her husband caused by medical negligence.

$465,000 settlement obtained on behalf of the client involved in a rear-end accident on the interstate.

$350,000 settlement obtained on behalf of a client who suffered a closed-head injury after being struck by falling display at a convention.

$325,000 settlement obtained on behalf of the client in a product liability claim. The client’s hand was crushed in a pinch point on a conveyor system.

$250,000 settlement obtained in a medical negligence case brought on behalf of the husband in the wrongful death of his 84-year-old wife against the hospital that failed to ensure adequate blood supply was available prior to surgery.

$125,000 settlement obtained prior to filing suit for a knee injury suffered in an automobile accident.

$100,000 settlement obtained on behalf of a client who slipped and fell on a food spill at a metropolitan government elementary school cafeteria on grandparents’ day.

Employment Law Cases

Sexual harassment and retaliation — Salinas v. Landmark Brokerage, LLC, Williamson County Chancery Court. Zenner Law, PLLC, obtained a jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff in a claim for sexual harassment and retaliation after she was terminated for refusing the advances of her boss, and complaining that she was being treated differently at work as a result. The total award exceeded $175,000.

Gender discrimination and hostile work environment — Successfully represented the plaintiff in a claim for gender discrimination and hostile work environment.

Religious discrimination — Successfully represented a plaintiff in a claim that she was terminated from her position at an assisted living facility due to her religious beliefs.

Racial discrimination — Successfully represented the plaintiff in her claim that she was fired from her position at a dialysis clinic because of her race.

Racial discrimination — Successfully represented a former employee against employer, a manufacturer of auto parts, for wrongful termination due to racial discrimination.

Disability discrimination — Successfully represented the plaintiff in his claim against an employer for disability discrimination. The plaintiff was placed on leave by the employer due to a perceived disability. Case resolved without having to file suit.

Sexual harassment — successfully represented the plaintiff, who was subjected to sexual advances and explicit remarks from her manager at a chain convenience store.

ERISA — successfully represented the spouse of the deceased husband to collect benefits under an accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy provided as part of an employee benefits package.

Business And Commercial Litigation

$550,000 — Lanham Act/Unfair Competition: Terra Aqua Gabions, Inc. v. Midwest Construction, Inc., Chancery Court of Davidson County, Tennessee. Zenner Law, PLLC, successfully represented Terra Aqua Gabions in its claim against Midwest Construction for violations of the Lanham Act for false or misleading advertising. The case went to trial and Zenner Law, PLLC, obtained a total judgment on behalf of Terra Aqua Gabions exceeding $550,000.

$400,000 — Recovered $400,000 on behalf of North America’s largest manufacturer of caskets in a contract dispute arising out of the design and installation of a robotic welding system at its manufacturing facility.

$325,000 settlement for flood damage — Successfully represented a local business in a claim for proceeds under an insurance policy due to property damage suffered in the May 2010 flood. At the request of the defendant insurance company, the names of the parties are being kept confidential.

Home construction — Successfully represented a homeowner against a builder and real estate agent for damages suffered as a result of faulty workmanship in the construction of their home and for professional negligence against the real estate agent. All terms of the settlement agreement are confidential.

Professional negligence — Successfully represented the client in a claim against a former attorney for professional negligence for failing to raise a statute of limitations defense. All terms of the settlement agreement are kept confidential.